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Learn E-prime English the easy way with 1-2-3 E-prime! E-prime removes the verb “to be” from standard English, and the results may astound you.  High School level language teachers use E-prime to help improve student writing.

E-Prime helps us escape the prison of an is-world and travel in a universe free of such linguistic self-restrictions. – Paul D. Johnston

I encourage others to follow along as we take a radical step forward in the way we compose, chat, and think. You’ll immediately gain valuable insights, so let’s get started.

Build Vocabulary Practicing E-prime

When one simply removes the verb “to be” from everyday English, it forces us to adapt to new ways of forming sentences.  You’ll build vocabulary as you re-engage dormant verb choices, and your language will flourish.  These benefits will start to show as you learn, so first work at implementing E-prime in writing and chatting.  Modern social media outlets present a perfect opportunity to practice. You’ll have enough time to proofread and adjust your comments before you commit.  Later on, we’ll learn to implement E-prime on-the-fly, conversationally.

If you feel timid about changing your established language patterns, E-prime can pose a bit of a challenge for the dogmatically rigid mind.  Still, if you allow yourself just a few simple changes in the way you speak, the beneficial side effects will soon afford a wealth of opportunities to relate more fully.  Also, E-prime allows us to revisit volatile topics, which encourages treating our sensitive traumas from the past.  As you learn to implement E-prime, accuracy in writing, relating, and critical thinking will improve.

Broadening Horizons with E-prime

Now that you know what you can look forward to, let’s discuss the essence of why such a small change in language, can drastically change your worldview.  The key to understanding how E-prime can bring a massive shift in cultural awareness lies in how we communicate our opinions.  Established ways of saying things, often project our opinions on others without allowing them the courtesy to form or express their own ideas about what we have to say.  Modern marketing relies heavily on the verb ‘to be’ to manipulate our consumer urges and contaminates our interpersonal relationships. Soliciting our opinions to friends doesn’t impress them as much as listening, but before we can listen in E-prime, we need to investigate E-prime and then start using it.

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