E-prime Reading List

Welcome to the E-prime Reading List and Library!  This page needs link contributions from visitors like you. I listed some of the most obvious resources regarding E-prime, but I need help from everyone to expand this directory!  If you catch wind of some new E-prime reading, then please take a second to drop a link here!

E-prime Anthology Books

D. David Bourland – To Be or Not: An E-prime Anthology – Open Google Book

Paul Dennithorne Johnston, Delphus David Bourland, Jeremy Klein – More E-prime: To Be or Not II – Open Google Book

Delphus David Bourland, Paul Dennithorne Johnston – E-prime III!: A Third Anthology – Open Google Book

Robert Anton Wilson – Selected Works

Robert Anton Wilson – Toward Understanding E-prime – Visit Web Page

Robert Anton Wilson – The Semantics of Good and Evil – Open PDF

Dr. Donald E. Simanek, Lock Haven University

Simanek – The Vector, 20, Fall, 1991, p. 15. – Reduced English Open Article