We need to bring back the appears, feels, and seems
The apparently, looks like, the sounds like, perceives.
Our language has gotten lost in a sauce,
of bland tasting lingo, we ought to have tossed.

This verb ‘to be’, ‘IS’, has mired our shine,
The was, were, and I’m, turned us all pantomime.
We can’t blame our parents, who’s parents taught them,
but I’ve checked in the books, it goes back to one man.

High time we restored the way we perceive things,
and hang up the am, are, were, is, and be things,
Let’s build up some cheer for a fight we might win,
Less loud vagaries, and more whisperin’

With the shouts dialed down, and the old verbs restored,
We can feel, look and listen, and find the ignored.
We’ll go even further, right down to the term,
and hunt out the last of the was and the were.

Get rid of the am, isn’t and ain’t,
Mind as well shave off before and too late,
Get rid of counting days, dollars and change,
Bring forth the subtle, weird shades of the strange.

Once you do that, then switch-switcheroo,
Since now, you at least have an option or two.
If you don’t like it then, I won’t start to cry,
but prior to that, please give it a try!